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Social Media Communication: How to Assess Effectiveness?

Social media communication is an exciting and engaging content creation process. Well, at least for the creator. But do the published posts interest the target audience? Is the created content relevant, useful, and does it make users remember the product or service (or even consider purchasing it)? Does your social media communication increase brand recognition, memorability, and – most importantly – the target audience’s favorable opinion of it?

It’s not difficult to find out! You just need to monitor and evaluate the main content performance indicators:

📢 Reach This metric reveals the visibility of the post among the target audience. Reach acts like litmus paper, showing whether social media communication is liked by the algorithm, which willingly shows the content to the audience both organically and through paid advertising.

If Reach starts to decline, it’s time for changes: try new themes, content formats, adjust visuals, experiment with different writing styles or call to action presentations.

👋 Engagement Rate A crucial metric that helps understand if social media communication is receiving an active audience response. Use this formula to calculate the engagement rate:

Total engagement ÷ Number of followers × 100

Evaluate the result*:

  • less than 1% = low
  • from 1% to 3.5% = average
  • from 3.5% to 6% = high
  • more than 6% = super! *Results can vary depending on different platforms, countries, or industries.

💻 Website Traffic Social media communication generates results beyond social networks. It can become a main source of steady and quality traffic to your website. Track how many visitors come from social networks, both in internal tools and Google Analytics.

💯 Follower Growth Everyone is crazy about the number of followers. Yes, it remains important, but it’s more useful to monitor their growth trends. Especially in cases where paid advertising is not used.

Fluctuations in the number of users following the account are natural, but gradual growth is a signal that you’re creating the right content. Remember: social media communication is not a sprint. It’s a marathon! Measure progress in the long term and don’t worry about daily fluctuations.

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