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Meta Ads Audiences that get sales

Focus on customers, not the FB budget 🙂 Allocate it to audiences with the highest return on investment: in this article, you’ll find several effective solutions for Facebook advertising.

Since we’re talking about the bottom of the sales funnel, it’s important to mention that the quality of Facebook audiences depends on the homework done. Properly integrated Facebook Pixel code is a must to leverage the audiences discussed below ⬇

Landing Page Audience

It could consist of visitors to specific product categories. For this audience, it’s recommended to broadcast ads with visuals specifically from the category users visited.

Facebook Video Views Audience

A high-quality and engaging video is shown to a broad user segment, and later, the audience that has watched it (ThruPlays) is “captured” with a retargeting ad with a strong call to action.

Audience Involved in the Shopping Process

An audience that has started the shopping process (added to cart, initiated checkout) but hasn’t completed it. It’s common to remind these almost buyers about items still not purchased or offer a discount code.

Audience that Viewed Products

Similar to the previously mentioned audience, but the conversion rate will be lower. Why? It’s unknown at which stage of the buyer’s journey the visitor is. Perhaps they’re just browsing, comparing values, and not yet ready to buy.

CRM Audience

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) audience. Very precise and valuable, especially for campaigns aimed at increasing customer loyalty. It’s important to be conscious and not overdo the number of ad impressions for these users.

Lookalike Audience

Lookalike of buyers. This audience solves several retargeting audience challenges. The first is size. Websites with lower traffic find it difficult to accumulate an audience for the desired event (purchase). The second is that the retargeting audience quickly ages, so it needs to be refreshed; otherwise, repetitive ads will become annoying. Lookalikes not only find a similar audience to existing buyers but often a predisposed-to-buy audience.

❗ Note on conversion tracking: don’t forget to integrate the Facebook Conversion API. After Apple iOS 14 updates, many retargeting audience users are simply lost using only Facebook Pixel integration into the website.

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