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How to create a Facebook ad that sells?

What type of Facebook ad generates sales, registrations, and customer traffic? Created correctly! ✅ We provide a time-tested recipe for boosting the conversion curve.

Facebook campaign objective

The first and most crucial step in creating a new advertising campaign is to choose the objective correctly! Unfortunately, Facebook advertising is automatically set to increase engagement, views, or impressions. Why is this a problem? The task of these objectives is not to generate conversions, i.e., SALES. Choose other more specific and effective campaign objectives offered by Facebook – conversions, catalog sales, or foot traffic for physical stores.

Ad optimization for action

Do you already know what result to expect from your target audience? Great! Specify that Facebook advertising should be optimized specifically for that user action (event): website views, adding items to the cart, purchases, etc. This way, you’ll get the most desired conversions from the available budget.

Facebook ad placement

Not all available ad placements bring equally good results. Some may reach the audience cheaper but generate only a few sales. Of course, every rule has exceptions, but practice shows that Facebook and Instagram ads displayed in the News Feed perform more efficiently.


People who already know the brand, its products, or services will generate more conversions than a “cold” audience. The behavior of “warm” and “cold” users differs, so never show them the same ad! Otherwise, you’ll lose potential customers.


Don’t think you know everything about your target audience. It is necessary to conduct A, B, and even C ad tests. Facebook ads should display different visuals, texts, present various product/service values or features, and invite to take different actions. Believe me, the results of testing can be surprising!

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