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5 tips on how to increase ROAS during the holiday season

Halloween not only kicks off the holiday marathon but also heats up the competition in social media ads. Budgets are growing, the airwaves are filled with competitive noise, and of course, there are discounts everywhere – the battle for shopper attention begins.

We’ve prepared a few tips on how to sell during this period without stressing yourself or the customer:

  • Think practically. Use products/services in your most successful ads to ensure a return. Allocate a smaller portion of your budget for experiments. If results are good, you can always increase it.
  • Encourage potential customers to take action. Test different message variations: percentage discounts, slashed prices, limited-time offers, scarcity of products. BUT. Never offer what you cannot provide. Once a consumer feels deceived, they won’t come back.
  • Don’t forget about “warm” advertising (remarketing) to your audience. If you’ve done your homework, you’ve surely gathered them: website visitors, social media engagers, CRM lists, etc. The return on investment from these audiences will be high. Don’t forget to exclude purchasers from your settings (at least for two weeks).
  • Configure your campaigns properly. Optimize ads for sales (or “add to cart” if the purchase event count is too low), critically review your target audiences, and leave only the converting ad placements.
  • Prepare effective visuals. Ensure that the design meets at least these criteria: a clearly understandable value proposition, easily readable text, and an attractively presented product/service.

Improve the results of your current advertising.

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