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How to get more sales with Facebook ads?

Facebook advertising always has a purpose – to achieve a specific goal. The cheaper, faster, and more goals the ad accomplishes, the more effective it is. Facebook provides various metrics to assess performance: new fans, messages received, website traffic, or sales. Let’s be honest – both for us and our clients, it’s most exciting to track conversions that end with a € sign 🙂

Emphasize that Facebook advertising is not the same as managing a Facebook page. FB communication represents public relations for your business. You introduce your audience to your services, their benefits, and represent your brand. Potential customers may contact you if needed, but be alert: they choose among competitors.

If there’s neither time nor desire to wait for potential buyers to take the first step, Facebook advertising is inevitable. Let’s briefly forget about the much-loved and somewhat primitive post boosting and focus on increasing conversions. Our goal is sales. Money. Profit.

Sales strategy №1: Conversion-optimized advertising.

If your ad’s goal is sales, then invest your budget in encouraging these conversions! Not into new page fans, engagement on posts, or unfiltered website traffic. Conversion-optimized ads work on a brilliantly simple principle. Using the Facebook pixel code, visitors to your website and their actions are tracked: adding items to the cart, completing a purchase, submitting contact information, or a query form. Facebook collects this data and, using it, automatically broadcasts the ad to users who can (and want to!) perform your specified action.

Sales strategy №2: Remarketing.

Almost a universal sales panacea for every business. Remarketing displays advertising messages to people who have already visited your website and are familiar with your services/products. Repeat advertising encourages the customer to complete the desired action: making a purchase in an online store, filling out a query form, or even visiting a physical store. A remarketing message can be “more aggressive” or “get straight to the point” because the user knows who you are and what you offer. If you grab them with an impressive ad, chances are it will benefit your business.

Sales strategy №3: Customer database.

Almost every business accumulates data about existing and potential customers: email addresses or phone numbers. If you’re an online project, you’ll surely have built a solid and highly valuable database 🙂 By uploading this information to the Facebook advertising platform, it becomes an extremely precise audience: Facebook matches the uploaded database with its member registration data and finds your customers. Please – from now on, your buyers are reachable on the most powerful social network!

Sales strategy №4: Audience engaged with FB content.

Like remarketing, this sales strategy benefits almost every business. An audience engaged with FB content doesn’t necessarily mean page fans (some followers may have long lost interest in your activities). These are visitors genuinely interested in your services or products. Identifying and reaching this audience becomes vital for projects whose primary platform for activity and advertising is Facebook. Imagine how great it would be to reach people who have recently viewed and commented on your posts or even sent personal messages! Well, for about a year now, it’s entirely possible. In the advertising Facebook account (whether it’s Ads or Business Manager), you can create specific audiences, and voila. Present this audience with a “solid” ad, and rejoice in significantly increased conversions – they should jump up even 2 or 3 times 🙂

A more attentive reader probably noticed that all the described Facebook sales strategies have one common feature – the need to find your target customer. The more optimized audience the ad reaches, the more sales you’ll generate.

Questions, comments, or other opinions? We’re waiting for your feedback or message! 🙂

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