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Facebook ad types: Awareness

Facebook advertising offers a multitude of options. Awareness is one of the oldest and longest-lasting types of Facebook ad campaigns that has endured Facebook updates.

Brand awareness

A mystical type of advertising 🙂 Brand awareness advertising is designed to optimize your ad impressions towards people most likely to remember the brand. Audience reach comes at a really good price: allocating 5 Euros per day can reach 2.5-12 thousand users. During the ad display, Facebook conducts focus group testing and selects people interested in your products or services based on this. But this is where the clarity ends. When creating the ad, you will choose the audience criteria: age, gender, city, interests, etc. So, if the initial settings are incorrect (i.e., you missed the mark by choosing the wrong target segment for the brand), how will Facebook find those interested? After all, the search takes place within the limits of your settings.

Another aspect of this Facebook ad type shrouded in ambiguity is how its effectiveness is measured? Brand awareness is a slippery and abstract concept. Meta tactically uses the words “machine learning” and “surveys” to measure effectiveness. This way, it hides from statistics that are clearly easier to measure.

What exactly should the advertiser expect: clicks on the ad, traffic to the website, a growing fan audience, or something else?


The cheapest way to reach the maximum number of people. Want to spread your advertising message as widely as possible? Here you go! For 5 Euros, Facebook advertising can reach from 10 to 50 thousand people.

Facebook advertising even requires setting the frequency of display (understand, YES, you will broadcast the ad so intensely that you can become thoroughly tiresome to the audience). You must decide that, for example, a user will see your ad once every 3, 7, or 10 days.

BUT. The number of reached audiences includes inactive, fake, and completely inadequate Facebook user profiles. You will have to pay for broadcasting to them just as much as to high-value users. By the way, an impression means the appearance of your advertising message in an individual’s news feed, but Facebook does not provide any guarantee that the latter saw it. It’s quite likely that you will show a lot, but will be seen… well, not so much. Before choosing an ad optimized for Reach, consider whether quantity really is more important than quality?

Impressions / ThruPlays / Video views

These ad set advertising optimization types are very similar to the reach ads discussed previously.

Ad impression optimization provides the opportunity to show ads to the precise audience the desired number of times.

ThruPlays (15-second video view) and Video Views – allow for a wide display of video content. We most often recommend ThruPlays because it at least guarantees that a person will watch at least part of the content, and from such audiences, it will be possible to create warm audiences for future remarketing campaigns.

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