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4 easy steps to effective social media communication

Often we receive questions like, “How to get more attention on Facebook?” or “How to encourage people’s engagement?” As in everything in life, the answer depends on the situation: your business sector, available resources, and financial capabilities. A simple but almost universal piece of advice would be consistent and not overly intrusive Facebook communication.

Communicate CONSTANTLY.

There’s no need to romanticize Facebook communication too much or unnecessarily complicate it. If you constantly communicate with your potential clients – people who are genuinely interested in you – you’ll eventually be heard. A professionally looking Facebook page and regular posting will help your audience discover and appreciate you. By leaving a pleasant impression on potential customers, you can be sure that when there’s a need for your services or products, you’ll be one of the first options.

Too much of anything is not healthy.

Overdone or overly obvious advertising rarely evokes positive emotions. Let’s experiment: turn off the “Ads blocker” extension in your browser and open one of the news portals. Well, let’s say the Delfi news lord: at the top, left, right, and bottom – ads are everywhere. There are so many of them that they almost overshadow the articles on the website. Do you feel the urge to get rid of all ads? Trust me, you’re not alone. The same rules apply on Facebook. Don’t turn your page’s wall into a bulletin board! Combine sales-promoting posts with sincere, natural, and interesting information for your audience.

Everything according to plan.

If your posts don’t provide clients with at least some benefit, you need to understand that too frequent publishing won’t lead to good results – quite the opposite. Annoyance can have negative consequences. The question arises: where’s the limit? Typically, we recommend publishing 4-8 posts per month for small businesses, and reaching the desired audience through post advertising. E-commerce stores can communicate more intensively: quality traffic to the website is vital for them. Regardless of the number of posts you choose, you must work strategically. Plan your Facebook post schedule in advance: then executing and staying within time and budget constraints will be much easier.

Don’t rush into innovations headfirst.

It’s no secret that video format currently reigns supreme. Such Facebook posts receive much higher free audience reach, but require the greatest time and creativity investments. Before diving into video creation, honestly evaluate your capabilities. Will you be able to create video content that is not only interesting but also professionally prepared? Let’s be honest: no one wants to watch a shaky video with poor sound quality, even your most loyal Facebook fans. What’s currently “trending” or what your competitors and surroundings are doing may not necessarily be the best solution for your business. Don’t forget that the content itself and its presentation are much more important than the format of the post. After all, it’s the content, its context, that grabs the heart 🙂

Questions, comments, or a different opinion? We look forward to your comment or message! 🙂

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